Kingdom 32



Issue 32 featuring:
Open Conversation—Arnold Palmer follows up the U.S. Open with talk of Spieth, Fowler and the future of the game. We’re all ears
Two Cowboys—They both wear hats and boots, but one’s much easier to find than the other. How to tell a cowboy from a cowboy
Rickie—Believe the rock-star hype: Fowler proved he’s a force in the game—and he’s nowhere near done yet
Big Sur—A world away, right in the heart of California’s Central Coast
No.14—The next chapter in our series of dream courses
King of Beers—We visit the flagship St. Louis brewery of one of the world’s best-known beers and enjoy a glass or two of history
Comeback Courses—Mother Nature can hurt, but these tracks refused to stay down. Courses that came back  after heavy hits
Rye—An expert at Omaha’s Grane bar spices up our love of good whiskey and good stories with a bit of a kick
Patriotic Game—The ways in which golf gives back to those most deserving
Plus: Scratch Golfers, Life in Pics, Fashion, Gift Guide and more…

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