A three-way tie

As generations of professional golfers have come and gone, the sport has searched for a ensemble to succeed the trio of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

Arnold Palmer: Irreplaceable

After the loss of Arnold Palmer on September 25, 2016, the outpouring of heartfelt tear-stained tributes provided a vivid reflection of the powerful sentiments felt for Palmer around the world

The Major that Never Was

In its heyday, it was almost as prestigious as the U.S. and British Opens, so what happened to the Western Open? Did it die, or is it alive and kicking but dressed up in disguise?


When Shall We Three Meet Again?

Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus totaled 13 Masters wins in 28 years. These three sporting icons are inextricably linked, not least by their Green Jackets. Nowadays they mostly play for fun, but halcyon memories of their springtime deeds in Georgia will never fade. Paul Trow looks forward to the day this illustrious trio […]


Another Fine Mess

Many of the biggest disasters in Major championship history have been inflicted on some of the most accomplished players the game has ever seen.

Taking Charge

The final-round gallop by Arnold Palmer in the 1960 U.S. Open provides the history of Major championships with one of its more thrilling chapters.