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Magazine Issues

Know the frequently asked questions about magazine issues.

Kingdom is Published in March, July and November, you will receive the current issue when you start your subscription. You will receive 3 issues for a 1 year subscription and 6 issues for a 2 year subscription
We aim to process orders within 48 hours and you should receive your first magazine within 10 days.
Sometimes mail can be delayed or lost. If you haven’t received your issue two weeks after our publishing dates, please email jv@nullkingdom.golf and we’ll get you a replacement straightaway. If you have received a damaged issue in the mail, email us a picture and we will happily send out a replacement.


Know the frequently asked questions about magazine subscription.

Yes. Auto-renewing your subscription helps the environment, and leaves more time for you to be out playing golf. We won’t need to send you any physical notices, and most importantly you’ll never miss an issue. All subscriptions will auto-renew once the final issue in their subscription has been mailed. We will notify you by email before your subscription is due to auto-renew.

Should you prefer your subscription not to auto-renew, you can disable this function in your account settings. Simply login here and manage your subscription from there. “View Order” and click “Auto-Renew Off”. This will end the recurring payment but continue the subscription for the remaining issues for which payment has already been received.

No. Subscriptions purchased for someone other than yourself will not auto-renew. Please note, you will need to select “gift subscription” at checkout for a subscription to be considered a gift. We will however let you know the gift subscription is expiring and if you would like to renew your gift we will send you a special promo code for renewal.
You can extend or renew your subscription at any time by simply clicking renew on your subscription in your My Account area of our store or by contacting our subscription team by emailing jv@nullkingdom.golf or by calling 888 335 3288. If your subscription is set to automatically renew you don’t need to take any further action to keep receiving your issues of Kingdom Magazine. If your credit card information has changed please log into your account and update your payment information.