The Majors: Pivotal Moments

One sublime shot, or one lamentable screw-up: That’s all it can take to decide a major championship. Paul Trow salutes the gossamer-thin gap between success and failure at the game’s highest level

The Builders: golf’s most influential figures

Here, sifted and compiled from a book’s worth of survey responses, are the people most credited by our survey group with creating the game you know and love. Some of the answers were obvious, others surprising. Here are the builders of golf

The Amateur Creed

With amateur golf being boosted by the inauguration of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur in 2019, Robin Barwick reflects on the amateur spirit of Bobby Jones and the Victorian heyday of amateurism.


The Amazing Mr. Jones

Bobby Jones achieved what O.B. Keeler dubbed the 'Impregnable Quadrilateral' of championship triumphs in 1930. He also founded the Masters.

Golf’s Greatest Shots 1860-1939

The final green at Prestwick was rather bumpy and Park had two putts to claim the Challenge Belt but only needed one. It meant Park beat his rival and the favorite, ‘Old’ Tom Morris, by two strokes, to become the very first Open Champion and the pair went on to dominate the early Opens. But […]