Golf Coast: Florida’s Gulf Coast

Scattered along Florida’s more than 660 miles of beaches are quite a few golf gems, and while many of the brightest shine along the state’s Atlantic Coast and in the Miami area, Florida’s Gulf Coast has its own lustrous jewels.


Florida Swing: The Power of 4

Two tournaments in successive weeks in the same US state is a “double-stop”, three in a row is almost a “Swing” but not quite; it’s a handy triple.

Florida & Golf: Paradise Found

U.S. Army troops stationed here in the 1830s called it “this most barren, swampy and good-for-nothing peninsula,” but today Florida is one of the world’s most popular destinations.


Salt Fly

A River Runs Through It, this is not. Forget pastoral scenes of men in waders fishing in the cool shadows of tall trees in a stream that gently meanders through verdant green hills. Saltwater fly fishing is exposed, stark and seriously challenging.

Southern Hospitali-Tee

It’s been said that north, east and west are directions on a compass, but South is a place. These days a place so rich in history is devoting a lot of time looking in the other direction. The Gulf Coast is banking on a future made golden with gaming and golf. Yes, as Chris Rodell […]