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Arnold Palmer: Hero of Western PA

Arnold Palmer: Hero of Western PA. Doc Giffin charts Palmer’s lifelong attachment to many of the golf courses of Western Pennsylvania


Vaunted Cellars: Clubhouse Wines

A tradition continues in many golf clubs where good company, good food and good wine are every bit as important to members as their golf



Catch This: 2017 Acura NSX

Globalized as we are, an American-made Japanese hybrid supercar with Brazilian pedigree should be all over Malibu. Yet the Acura NSX feels like the future


Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman, the Golf Channel presenter, spoke to Kingdom about life, work, family and caddying for Arnold Palmer


Across the drawbridge: castles & golf

There is no better way to get a real sense of medieval history than to visit a great British castle, and a journey based on educational merits could lend itself beautifully to the odd game of golf


Still marching strong: Arnie’s Army

The Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation carries on the work that Palmer started, and there’s never been a better way to stay engaged with the man who gave so much to golf—and to life

18 quotes from Arnold Palmer

It is hard to imagine there has ever been a golfer to whom people wanted to listen more than Arnold Palmer.
Here are some examples of Palmer’s sage advice and thoughts.

Arnold Palmer: A Remarkable Life

Even if he’d never picked up a golf club Arnold Palmer was destined to be known, such were the multiplicity and variety of his achievements.

Renaissance at The Greenbrier

Life was good at The Greenbrier at the beginning of June 2016, but then West Virginia was struck with the heaviest rainfall in memory and the flooding was devastating. What happened next is a remarkable story of recovery


Sergio Garcia: Worth the wait

At one point in the recent past there was so little hope of Sergio Garcia claiming a major title that he gave up on himself. Then in his 74th major appearance the Spaniard finally broke through