The Magazine

People who enjoy golf don’t just play the game, they live the life. To reflect this the sport’s most famous and loved individual, Arnold Palmer, decided to provide his own exclusive magazine solely for the members of his prestigious courses across the United States of America.

Arnold Palmer Enterprises collaborated with prominent international journal publisher, TMC USA, to launch Kingdom in 2003. The publication was a great success and a credit to all of those involved. Warmly received by the members and guests of Arnold Palmer’s courses, Kingdom contains editorial of the highest calibre, written by some of the best known names in golf journalism, covering just about every aspect of this great game.

Topics covered include in-depth profiles and one-on-one interviews with the game’s top players; reviews of championship courses and resorts; news on the latest golf equipment and apparel; opinion from some of the top golf writers around the world; personal stories and anecdotes from Arnold Palmer and his many friends; instructional tips from golf professionals at Palmer Design courses; and news about Arnold Palmer Enterprise partners and licensees.

Kingdom also contains a number of lifestyle articles on subjects such as first class travel, good food, fine wines and spirits, exclusive residential communities, interior design and the latest automobiles, which reflect the varied interests of the affluent membership of Palmer Design courses.

“We feel that the people who are members of Palmer Design courses, or those golfers who play as guests, have many common interests. They share a similar lifestyle and that lifestyle hinges around the game of golf,” says Arnold Palmer.

Kingdom, in addition to being gifted to the members and guests is also available for purchase by the fee paying guests at the top resort courses that he has designed, as well as being placed in the hotel rooms attached to these resorts. The publication extends to over 200 full color pages, with sumptuous design and embracing the highest production values. Throughout every issue of Kingdom magazine we maintain editorial content of the highest quality and reflect the personal qualities of the Arnold Palmer himself; it will provide entertainment as well as information, drama, smiles, pathos and hard-edged facts. Like Arnie’s Army, you won’t be able to tear yourself away.