Kingdom 39

Issue 39 featuring:
In the Major Frame—Celebrating the beauty of major courses for major tournaments
Future Golf—Big holes, shortened tourneys, and live DJs: where the game is going
2017 NSX—Luddites and antiquarians need not apply, this is the cutting edge
Palmer Country—The King’s longtime assistant takes us through Western Pennsylvania
Clubs, Cups & Hammers—The highs and low bids of a sports auction
Three to Follow—Whatever the odds, we have our eye on these guys
Major Holes—We build a Dream 18, picking and choosing from major-hosting tracks
Bing Crosby—Smooth voice and great game: the story of Bing’s love of the fairways
Santa Ynez—California’s Central Coast offers old-school living and great wines
Plus: Life in Pics, Fashion, Gift Guide and more…