Bernhard Langer: Playing the waiting game

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many aspects of everyday life to an eerie standstill. Bernhard Langer spoke to Robin Barwick about putting his prolific career on pause and waiting to meet his new grandchild


Fly: Montana fly fishing

There are words and books and techniques and lessons, and then there is the river and how you enter it. Does the current push you or flow around you? Is anticipation something you learn in a library or in the water under a big sky?

New age in the Old Country: golf in Virginia

The history of the colonized United States does not date back further than Virginia and its early 17th century origins, yet this state of mountain ranges and vast swathes of untouched woodland is also home to some of the finest golf in modern America.

Ryder Cup time

Every other year the Ryder Cup gives tournament golf a heightened lease of life.

Just Down The Street: Key West

It’s the literal end of the road, the last stop. You can’t drive any further south in a car and there’s not much left for a boat either.

Golf’s Greatest Shots 1860-1939

The final green at Prestwick was rather bumpy and Park had two putts to claim the Challenge Belt but only needed one. It meant Park beat his rival and the favorite, ‘Old’ Tom Morris, by two strokes, to become the very first Open Champion and the pair went on to dominate the early Opens. But […]

Shock Victories

If all the highest-profile sporting events were won by one of the pre-tournament favorites, then think how dull the world would be. Golf is certainly not like that and the sport’s Major championships, three of them involving fields of 156 players, nearly all of whom believe they have the ability to win, produce plenty of […]

Golf’s Greatest Year?

In April, though long retired from the cut and thrust of tournament golf, three old friends reunite as joint honorary starters to commence the proceeding of a southern golf championship. On the face of it, there might seem nothing special about three elderly gentlemen wafting their golf balls from the 1st tee and then strolling […]